Sofa-Bed Rollo Styletto Pocket Spring Mattress 200cm

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Rollo sofa-bed on Styletto base and Pocket Spring Mattress. Its base is made of steel in matt black color. The legs are wooden in dark brown color. The back support is included.

Available in all colors of the fabric collection that you will also find in the photo gallery :

-Fabric 216 Flashtex Dark Gray

-Fabric 217 Flashtex Light Gray

-Fabric 461 Leather Look Brown Vintage

-Fabric 506 Elegance Paprika

-Fabric 507 Elegance Burned Curry

-Fabric 509 Elegance Anthracite Gray

-Fabric 514 Nist Black

-Fabric 515 Nist Blue

-Fabric 517 Elegance Light Gray

-Fabric 518 Elegance Green

-Fabric 519 Elegance Petrol

-Fabric 520 Mixed Dance Dark Gray

-Fabric 521 Mixed Dance Gray

-Fabric 525 Mixed Dance Light Blue

-Fabric 527 Mixed Dance Natural cloth

-Fabric 528 Mixed Dance Blue

-Fabric 538 Melange Light Gray

-Fabric 540 Velvet Forest Green

-Fabric 541 Velvet Dark Blue

-Fabric 551 Faunal Brown

-Fabric552 Soft Pacific Pearl

-Fabric 554 Soft Mustard Flower

-Fabric 557 Soft Coral

-Fabric 558 Soft Indigo

-Fabric 562 Twist Dark Green

-Fabric 563 Twist Charcoal

-Fabric 564 Twist Black

-Fabric 565 Twist Granite

-Fabric 576 Kenya Bordeaux

-Fabric 577 Kenya Dark Gray

-Fabric 578 Kenya Taupe

-Fabric 612 Linen Sand Gray

-Fabric 613 Linen Ash Gray

-Fabric 686 Dusty Rose

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