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Our company DESIGN PLUS has been working in the field of modern design since 1998.

Since then, she has linked her name with the German company KARE

KARE is a world-class company with natural and online stores all over the world.

KARE attends and participates in all major international exhibitions that concern the area of modern design. Paris, Milan, Frankfurt, Cologne, Singapore.

KARE is always there to showcase the best trends and trends in fashion for decorating your home or business space.

Our company DESIGN PLUS has KARE's exclusive online rights in Greece, and through its two online stores, and, has the KARE products all over Greece.

Apart from these two online stores, there are currently two physical stores in Thessaloniki where you can see most of the KARE collection.

Visit our stores in Thessaloniki, or browse comfortably and safely from your premises in our two online stores and and you will understand why the KARE articles are described in three words .... ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY !!


Besides its cooperation with KARE, DESIGN PLUS is also the exclusive importer and representative for Greece of the Danish INNOVATION LIVING

INNOVATION LIVING is a huge company, also with stores in the 5 continents of the planet. Since 1971 you specialize in the design and manufacture of high quality furniture with emphasis on sofas made of bed .. Excellent quality, unique and functional design, high value for money !!

DESIGNPLUS, whose main focus is its exclusive cooperation with INNOVATION LIVING and wanting to give as many choices as possible to its most demanding customers, has included two major European factories in its partnerships. TENZO Sweden and BIZZOTTO Italy .. Two modern factories with very high values and quality standards, as well as very affordable prices !!

Our partnerships with all these factories created the two INNOVATIONPLUS stores in Athens and Thessaloniki in early 2017, as well as our online store

Visit our two INNOVATIONPLUS stores or our online store and discover a huge collection of items for your home or business, with a common denominator of design speciality, top quality at the most competitive prices.